All about the dog that tracked the poachers

Dogs are not only amazing pets, they also contribute as pioneers in protecting the people and wildlife of the country. A team of trained dogs in Assam, popular for being one of a kind, do just that. With its first unit member as Zorba, the team helped track poachers to national parks and sanctuaries for conservation efforts. With Zorba as the senior and most experienced member, the team has helped solve several wildlife crimes. Zorba, who battled illness due to old age, passed away leaving behind a legacy to be remembered and a record of professional work in wildlife conservation that will be honored forever.

Zorba, the Belgian Malinois dog who was the first unit member of Aaranayak – the biodiversity conversation organization in Assam, has died due to old age. Zorba has been actively involved in several anti-poaching operations during his eight-year career as a member of K9.

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Death of Zorba, member of K9: all about her

Under the initiative of the Aaranyak – a biodiversity organization, the country’s first canine squad for wildlife crimes was established in 2011. A Belgian malinois named Zorba made the significance of it as its first member. The team also called the K9 Unit has grown into an efficient and super trained unit and had seven dog members on board over the past decade, with Zorba being their most experienced member.

As part of his duties, Zorba has assisted those responsible for the former with crucial clues to rhino poachers’ escape routes and assisted in the arrest of the culprits in several different cases. Zorba’s race is super effective when it comes to taking over protection. European and American forces have successfully used the Belgian Malinois breed for many of their operations.

Zorba holds a valiant portfolio to his name as he has helped catch over 60 poachers in Assam, with 50 poachers from Kaziranga National Park itself. The park which is world famous for its one-horned rhinos has been protected the longest thanks to the service of canids like Zorba. He retired in 2019 and was honored for his service to the country and the protection of wildlife.

The K9 team member who had recently passed away was enjoying a retired life at the K9 camp to receive better health care without the pressure of harsh duties. According to reports, the brave dog died last night after a prolonged illness.

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