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With twice-weekly visits to a hydrotherapy pool for several months combined with a personalized rehabilitation plan, Wonky Winnie, an American Bulldog, has undergone an incredible transformation. At just nine weeks old, Winnie was rescued by the RSPCA in July 2019. [i]


Specialists discovered that she suffered from a developmental disease in which tendons and ligaments formed abnormally and could not support the joint. As a result, Winnie’s two front legs were bent at the knee. Also, they bent under her weight every time she put weight on her front legs. [ii]

A specialist clinic drew up a treatment plan and the branch office immediately began Winnie’s treatment. Winnie’s visits to a hydrotherapy pool helped her get back on her feet and back on all fours. Winnie was adopted by Wendy Linge, who introduced Winnie to K9 Scent and Search UK. [ii]

Winnie continues to visit the hydrotherapy pool twice a week.RSPCA

According to its website, K9 Scent & Search UK offers “courses and workshops in nose work and ‘mantrailing’ for the companion dog”. Mantrailing is described by Mantrailing UK as,

The word that describes searching for a specific person with a ‘Mantrailer’ – Dog. Fun outdoor physical and mental stimulation that every dog ​​can do, regardless of breed, size or age! [iii]

A photo of Winnie taken after months of treatment and therapy.RSPCA

Their website further boasts that the sport is “training dogs to find people for fun.” The sport is described as “a great way to stimulate and enrich your dog, a low impact sport. [Mantrailing] offers physical exercises [and] engages your dog’s incredible olfactory senses, giving him an intense mental workout.” [iv][v]

Maintrailing USA further describes the sport, stating that it trains dogs to find people by following their “unique scent trail.” They claim that,

All dogs have a natural ability to hunt and therefore mantrailing provides them with an outlet to do so in a safe, controlled and constructive manner. We teach them to harness their incredible sense of smell and turn it into an activity to do together like a sport.” [vi]

Watch the video below for more information on the sport of mantrailing.

After her recovery, Winnie now enjoys taking part in fragrance trials across the UK. She worked her way up to level five of the eight training levels. [vii]


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