Asheville Off Leash K9 Training Center owner charged after customer’s puppy dies in Tennessee

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ASHEVILLE, NC — The owner of a Tennessee Off Leash K9 training facility, who also operates the Asheville location, is facing charges after a customer’s puppy died in Johnson City, according to WCYB.

Randi LaFerney, the owner of the Tennessee and North Carolina facilities, and Andrew Hunigan, a trainer, are charged with aggravated animal cruelty.

A 9-month-old miniature bull terrier named Dallas spent five weeks at the Johnson City site but did not survive the stay.

WCYB spoke on the phone with LaFerney who said the pup’s death was an “accident.”

“Discussions we had with the trainer and owner were that the dog died accidentally and the dog died trying to get out of a crate he had slept in overnight,” Washington County said. . / Johnson City Animal Shelter Director Tammy Davis told the station.

After Dallas died, the family retrieved the pup’s body from the training facility and brought it to the family veterinarian for an autopsy, reports WCYB.

Off Leash K9 Training owns and operates independent locations nationwide, including Winston-Salem, Charlotte, and Fayetteville. Randi LaFerney is only listed as the owner of the Johnson City and Asheville franchises.


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