Balanced Paws K9 Training brings your furry friend into the fold

KNOXVILLE, TN (WATER) – TO Balanced Legs K9 Workoutthe talented team uses their canine behaviorist skills to adapt their training program to the needs of your four-legged friend.

Lincoln DeSouza, owner and head trainer of Balanced Paws K9 Training has a long history of caring for dogs and even trained under world renowned Cesar Milan. Lincoln and its team of behaviorists and trainers use their skills to tailor their training programs to your pet’s needs. If your furry friend is a little too energetic, the team will walk him and then put him on a treadmill to make sure your pet is in a calm state of mind before any workout. This allows your pet to link calm and reward resulting in a dramatic change in behavior and that only scratches the surface of what is possible at Balanced Paws K9 Training.

As a pet owner, I can understand my reluctance to pursue training services. Clients can rest assured that at Balanced Paws K9 Training, your furry family members are cared for as if they were their own. During my time with Lincoln and the passionate staff, I saw nothing but happy faces who were so excited to spend time with their friends, dogs and humans.

For more information or to schedule your dog for his first training session, visit the Balanced Paws K9 Training Website

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