Dori: Seattle K9 killed in the line of duty mourned; loss triggers memories for dog owners

Listeners who have never truly loved a dog with all their hearts are in mourning, following reports that a Seattle Police Department K-9 Jedi was killed on Wednesday while stalking a suspected burglar armed with a machete and a knife in Beacon Hill.

His human handler was slashed in the face by the same alleged suspect before another Seattle police officer shot and killed the suspect.

Many of us wept when we learned about this German Shepherd’s bravery throughout his career.

As a dog owner who is extremely protective of his family and home, this one hit Dori hard. Research shows a 2018 video of Jedi sniffing out a murder suspect in a warehouse in Kent.

Another news report details an assault Jedi suffered in 2019 after a suspect in a Rainier Valley breach of domestic order case. Jedi was bloodied after being punched three times in the nose, before eventually helping capture the suspect.

For many, like Dori, this story triggered memories of “civilian” pets serving their families. Far from the same level of threat or danger, Dori’s last dog, Star, was also beloved for his loyalty. In one instance, he recalled, Star was on sentry, patrolling the perimeter of the family deck while his then-teenage daughters hosted several friends for an outdoor slumber party. It wasn’t until they woke up the next morning that they discovered that Star – an Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler – hadn’t slept a wink all night while protecting the girls.

That’s the thing with loyal dogs, says Dori. They will take danger. They will come between you and your greatest danger. They will take the ball. They will take the knife.

On Facebook’s Safe Seattle site, SPD officer and K-9 handler Anthony Ducre shared his Jedi recollection:

“Honestly, he was just a happy guy. I’m lucky enough to be able to pet and care for K9s. Of all the SPD puppies, Jedi was just my favorite because of his cheerful, goofy personality. I mean, I ‘ve worked a bunch of stuff with him where he chased the bad guy, grabbed a guy with a gun, saved a DV victim – but no matter what his master asked of him he was intense until he’s not anymore. Then he was just a game and – shhh, don’t tell anyone – but it was also a really good hug. There’s a lot of videos of Jedi in action, but nobody’s knows his secret dark love of the place just above his clawed tail.

After the Jedi’s death, K9 officer Chris dedicated John 15:13 to the slain officer: “There is no greater love than this, that someone lay down their life for their friends .

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