Florida Sheriff’s Office Announces Birth of K9 Bloodhounds

Kudos are in order from the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office.

The agency welcomed 10 new assistants Tuesday night in Titusville, Florida. But not the human race.

K-9 assistant Daisy Mae gave birth to 10 mini bloodhounds, six males and four females, the agency announced on her Facebook page.

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The post states that Daisy Mae is a first-time mother, having been raised with co-worker, Blue.

“Believe me when I tell you these are the 10 most beautiful deputies you will ever see,” joked Sheriff Wayne Ivey.

Litter will soon be on the march and entering the workforce at a tender age.

A few puppies will be part of a search and rescue unit helping find missing children and seniors with Alzheimer’s disease, the BCSO said.

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Two more cubs will embark on a new role educating families about bloodhounds as part of an exhibit at Brevard Zoo. This breed is known for its tracking ability and sense of smell.

An adorable video shows mum with her puppies, most dozing and cuddled up to her.

Everyone is well “.

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