Georgia K9 Handler Destroys the Bodies of Her 3 Overheated Bulldogs

Deputies found Aegis, Deputy Tolbert’s K9, while executing a search warrant after the Bulldogs’ death. (Photo credit: Rockdale County Sheriff’s Department)

A K9 manager in Georgia will not face criminal charges after tossing the bodies of his three deceased Bulldogs in the trash, as reported by CBS46.

The 3 bulldogs die in less than 24 hours

Deputy Eric Tolbert kept the dogs in crates in a shed on his property. All three Bulldogs overheated within 24 hours of each other in June, a month in which temperatures consistently hit the 90s.

According to a report obtained by the Rockdale Newton Citizen, one of the deputy’s dogs died on June 13 when the only source of air in the shed was a large fan. The next day, Tolbert attempted to install an air conditioner but “didn’t fully read the instructions”. The other two dogs later died of heatstroke.

Tolbert posted on his personal Facebook, “Man, that was tough! All 3 were gone within 24 hours. This heat is no joke. #RIPLukeCage #RIPStorm #RIPLaLa.” Photos of the three dogs accompanied the statement.

Internal investigation

Seeing no problem with the state he left his dogs in, Tolbert blamed the heat for his dogs’ deaths. His colleagues, however, were of a different opinion. The sheriff’s department issued a search warrant on his property. They found “unsanitary conditions and improper disposal of his personal dogs, which was in violation of Georgia law”.

Rockdale County Sheriff’s Investigator Colleen Jones executed the search warrant. Tolbert was not home at the time of the search, but he spoke to Jones on the phone. Jones told Tolbert she was there to investigate and asked where the dogs were. Tolbert replied, “I had no way to bury them, so I ransacked them.”

Jones replied, “What did you do with them?” Tolbert replied once again, “Put them in the trash.”

In addition to this disturbing information, deputies found Tolbert’s K9, Aegis, also outside in a cage. Police photos of the property, which can be found on the CBS46 website, show deplorable conditions: rusty cages, old feces on the floor and a grotesque bucket of water. Deputies removed Aegis from Tolbert’s care.

No charges filed

Jones thought she had enough to accuse Tolbert of animal cruelty. However, County Judge Nancy Bills refused to sign an arrest warrant because Jones’ relationship with Tolbert constitutes a “conflict of interest.”

Bills thinks the sheriff’s department should have turned the case over to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. In addition to denying an arrest warrant, the district attorney refuses to prosecute due to “lack of evidence”.

The only discipline Tolbert faced was a 32-hour suspension and removal of his K9 manager status. No further action will be taken.

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