Home Rather offering free K9 training to protect those at risk of wandering

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia – instead of homea company specializing in non-medical home care, will host a K9 Smell Discrimination Seminar for regional agency K9 managers and community partners at Mylan Park June 7-10, 2021 to raise community awareness of at-risk populations wandering and improve the missing person response of the agency’s K9 unit.

Former FBI canine forensic specialist and CEO of Scent Evidence K9, Paul Coley, will teach the training that covers advanced K9 scent discrimination methods and an innovative scent kit program that allows families and caregivers to pre -collecting a person’s unique scent before a wandering event occurs.

Everly holding a perfume kit

Each individual has their own scent, so this is a scent kit that, in fact, the canine units here will train on. It’s how to use these kits and how to, in effect, bring the stray home. Statistically, the majority of people who tend to wander are those with Alzheimer’s disease and those with autism. And with those people, I believe from statistics, 60% of people with dementia or autism tend to wander, or at least once or more in their lifetime. So we’re here today to be proactive. Again, we have canine units here two hours away who are coming here this week and going to participate in this training so we can give back to the community and make a difference across the state of West Virginia.

Monica Everly – General Manager, Home Place Morgantown

Monday, June 7 was the first day of the seminar. The Granville Police Department, Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department and Preston County Sheriff’s Department participated. First Coley gave a presentation in the morning, then they all went to Mylan Park to participate in real-world training.

K9 unit practicing first day of training

The three K9 units were trained in different scenarios, Everly said. Of course, they were all focused on finding someone to walk away.

“We’re going to do crowded spaces, and just different things, just different scenarios throughout the week to better prepare them to bring the lost home,” she said.

Units used Coley’s Scent Preservation Kit, which retains a person’s scent until opened.

Inside the kit is a jar, Everly said, that contains a special preservative to keep the scents alive for seven to 10 years once sealed. There is also a USB key in the kit with a preparation plan. Everly said it’s because when a loved one goes missing, there are small details their families and friends may forget to share with local authorities.

Take a Closer Look at the Scent Preservation Kit

However, with the flash drive, you can have a recent photo of the person who walked away.

“If they’re autistic and nonverbal, you can actually have that in their preparation to say they’re nonverbal,” Everly said. “If someone has dementia, you know, you might have to approach that person differently than you do with other people, so it’s kind of all in one. But, that would be at home, and when the person is missing, we can actually leave Mecca 911 and other authorities know that there is a scent kit in the house, so they can send the dogs that are trained and find individuals.

Coley, Evelyn said, has had great success with her scent kits and they have benefited many people. In Florida alone, she said, her company, Scent Evidence K9, has located more than 70 missing people.

Scent storage jars used during Monday training

A few weeks ago, a child with non-verbal autism went missing, Everly said, and he was found within 10 minutes.

“The moment the family informed authorities they arrived with the dog, they found the child six minutes later, so that’s exciting,” Everly said. “And with people with dementia, they’ve also had a huge success rate in finding those people. So I think here in the community it’s something we can benefit from. But we need to educate individuals and we need to train our canine units on how to use these kits, so we can make a difference.

If anyone wants additional information, or even to watch the training unfold, they can, Everly said. Training will continue until June 10 at Mylan Park from 1 p.m.

“Please do not hesitate to contact us at home. Instead, our contact number is 304-906-4333,” she said. “You can also find more information about Paul Coley and his company Scent Evidence Canine. They are on Facebook and on Youtube.

Kanawha Co. Sheriff’s Department Vehicle

Also, if you are interested in buying a perfume kit, you can. Everly said there were 200 kits available at the Home Place Morgantown office. During training week, it will be offering the kits at a discounted rate of $15 instead of the normal price of $20+.

She said she is grateful to all law enforcement who will participate in the training, as it can make a fundamental difference in saving someone’s life after they wander off.

“I also want to thank Defense in Depth here in Morgantown, Seaman Law Office and Mylan Park for helping to sponsor some of these events that are taking place to help and give back to the community as well,” Everly said. “So I also want to say thank you to them for you, for being here and supporting this.”

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