LAPD K9 Piper Awarded In-N-Out Burger For Catching CHP Shooting Suspect

Dirty face and bloody bandaged thumb, Pejhmaun Iraj Khosroabadi, 33, is apprehended.

It was a 13-hour manhunt by the CHP, LAPD and US Marshals Fugitive Taskforce…and hot on the trail – Piper, a 4-year-old LAPD sleuth.

K9 tracked the suspect’s specific scent several blocks from his Van Nuys apartment on Haskell Avenue to a homeless encampment where he was hiding.

“Weather, heat and wind are three things that really work against the Bloodhound’s ability to follow a trail, in this case pushing at 10-12 o’clock, very, very difficult,” Deseray Ehrlich said. , LAPD Gang and Narcotics. “Luckily a lot of that happened throughout the night so we didn’t have to worry about the heat, and the dog did a phenomenal job trolling today.”

Investigators say Khosroabadi shot a CHP officer multiple times during a traffic stop in Studio City on Monday night.

The 27-year-old officer, a year on the force, arrested Khosroabadi in a white sedan.

Detectives say they got into a physical fight and he shot the officer multiple times – then ran away.

With the officer, who they say never opened fire, in critical condition at the hospital, law enforcement unleashed K9s and searched all night and all morning when Piper pulled them over. taken to Gloria Avenue near Sherman Way.

Between SkyFOX and our ground crews, the entire capture was filmed.

Behind the trees, in a tent covered with a brown tarp, Khosroabadi was found hiding between two homeless people.

Police say he is a military veteran. His brother said Khosroabadi had served in Afghanistan and suffered from severe PTSD, adding that he was the most loving person he had ever met and was on his way to give their autistic cousin a toy when the officer arrested him.

With a search warrant for the tent, investigators pull out a gun, a Bible, and a cell phone.

“It scared me because we’ve had a few incidents here before, but not too bad. And knowing all the stuff that’s going on with the guns and everything, it’s quite difficult,” neighbor Berenice Mercado said. .

The officer should survive.

He gave us a thumbs up when we asked if he was okay,” said CHP spokesman Officer Ramberto Salicido.

“We’re very proud of Piper, we’re proud of the handler and all the work everyone has done on the sleuthing team,” Deseray said.

LAPD uses these sleuths, with a better sense of smell than any other race, to find the seriously missing – children, people with Alzheimer’s and dementia, and criminals.

Piper has had five successful deployments lately, including a stabbing suspect and a 10-year-old girl who left a suicide note and disappeared for 6 hours. Piper found her at the grocery store, safe and sound.

“Bloodhounds are generally Southern dogs in the woods and we were able to acclimate them to the city of Los Angeles, lots of traffic, lots of cars, things all over the sidewalks and streets. And the dogs are able to cross all of that and working flavors that are up to par as we saw yesterday from about 12 o’clock,” Ehrlich said.

That’s a record for the LAPD’s top dog. Piper inhaled the burger in about one bite and left the bun.

Job well done, Piper.

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