Mount Pleasant Police Conduct Statewide K9 Training

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCBD) – This is an important week for K9 officers across South Carolina.

This week, the Mount Pleasant Police Department hosted the annual South Carolina Police K9 Association Recertification and Training Seminar. More than 40 K9s from law enforcement across the state participated.

“All dogs must go through this certification annually through the South Carolina Justice Academy in order to run on the streets,” explained Andrew Scott, a senior police officer with the Mount Pleasant Police Department.

During the seminar, K9s and their handlers cover areas such as apprehension, guarding and obeying handlers, tracking, detecting narcotics or explosives, and finding items.

Once K9s and their handlers are certified, they undergo scenario-based and problem-solving training. The exercises are intended to prepare dogs for any type of situation they may encounter in the performance of their duties.

“A lot of these scenarios are made to stress out these dogs. We go beyond adding smoke and loud music. Just a bunch of chaos, that way when they hit the streets they can be able to handle it,” Scott said.

On Thursday, the seminar was held at the old Cinebarre Cinema in Mount Pleasant. Officials said the theater provided a unique space for the dogs to train. The seminar ends on Friday.

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