National K9 narcotics detection pool will be elevated with 70 dogs on first try

The national narco canine pool will initially start by raising a unit of around 70 dogs (File)

New Delhi:

India will soon have a “national narco-canine pool” with 70 dogs of different breeds expertly trained to detect drugs in various operational scenarios, officials have said.

The Narcotics Detector Dog (NDD) pool will be formed in conjunction with the Union Home Department’s K9 (Canine) Cell, the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) and the National Security Guard (NSG) counter-terrorism force. ).

The plan was first hinted at during a review led by Union Home Minister Amit Shah in December last year of the overall narcotics, drug abuse and trafficking scenario in the country.

The national narco-canine pool will initially start by raising a unit of around 70 dogs which will be assigned to the NCB in its various field units around the country, an official involved in the exercise told PTI.

This plan also aims to train NDDs and narcotics detection dog teams for various government agencies and counternarcotics units, as needed, he said.

This will be the first time that India will have a nationwide pool of narcotics detection dogs that can be deployed to detect contraband from large consignments at seaports, airports and cross-border land stations and even large trucks and passing vehicles. country, said a second officer.

The second officer added that the narcotic dogs will be from various local and foreign breeds, and they will be deployed primarily to test drugs like marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, MDMA and ecstacy, among others. .

“Dogs, at present, are used in a very limited capacity to detect concealed narcotics. Various agencies have different standards. Some don’t even have a standard operating procedure for deploying dogs for drug-related tasks. drug.

“So the National Narco-Canine Pool aims to coordinate and fill the void here by sharing technology and breeding dogs for state and federal agencies from the Central Paramilitary Forces and NSG training institutions,” said the first officer.

The NCB, the federal counter-narcotics agency, plans to deploy at least two such trained dogs to each of its more than 30 zonal and sub-zonal offices, he said.

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