Navarre K9 Trainer Has Cameos In New Channing Tatum Movie

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McDonald’s, left, pictured in front of the Dog Movie poster featuring Ranger Hall of Fame inductee and Medal of Honor recipient Col. (Retired) Ralph Puckett Jr., one of the most decorated soldiers in United States history. Photos courtesy of Julian McDonald.

Staff SGT. Julian McDonald US Army (retired), a Purple Heart recipient who resides in Navarre, has two small roles in Channing Tatum’s new film Dogwhich will be released in theaters on Friday.

McDonald also served as an adviser to the film, which was developed after Tatum produced a 2017 HBO documentary about McDonald and two other K9 military handlers.

McDonald said he was touched to learn that his current K9 MPC Layka, a Belgian Malinois, was featured in the film’s credits as an inspiration for the film.

He also laughs at his blasphemous reaction when he found out the film’s main character, played by Tatum, was working at a Subway restaurant – something McDonald’s did for a short time after leaving the military, helping a friend who has a couple. local franchises.

In addition, Dog also shows the K9 looking at Grey’s Anatomy, another likeness of McDonald’s and K9 Layka.

In the film, the main character searches for a purpose after leaving the army, and the dog helps him find it. According to McDonald, it’s a scenario that often mirrors real life.

According to McDonald, who has been training dogs for 15 years, the Belgian Malinois breed is a good match for US Army Rangers because they understand each other. He described the breed as “psychopaths” who have high energy levels and need to have a job to do or they become destructive – as seen in the comedy-drama.

Ahead of the film’s release this week and since COVID caused the premier to be canceled, McDonald was flown last week by the USO to Los Angeles, Calif., where he reunited with other K9 trainers he was with. had served.

Canine counselors and producers visited Fort Benning last week. McDonald pictured in the front row next to Tatum, right.

From there the K9 trainers and Dog The producers flew in a private jet to tour the military working dog installation at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland before flying to Fort Benning, Georgia, home to the 75th Ranger Regiment.

“It was a really cool and fun experience,” McDonald told South Santa Rosa News.

McDonald said he stayed in Tatum’s cabin for a week before the film was shot in July 2020. The duo hung out and rode dirt bikes. McDonald crashed and was knocked unconscious, requiring a trip to the emergency room. He was laughing at his injuries and Tatum jokingly said “What’s wrong with you.”

Tatum with McDonald’s last week.

“He’s so funny and he’s a very, very nice guy,” McDonald said of Tatum, pointing out that the star is the same in person as he is in the movies and unassuming to mainstream audiences.

Tonight at the Bayou 15 Cinema in Pensacola, you can catch a 7 p.m. preview of Valentine’s Day Movie 7, which hits theaters nationwide on Friday, February 18.

You can see McDonald in the second trailer for the movie around the 5 second mark, mocking Tatum trying to handle a K9:

Meanwhile, MPC Layka, who suffered from vestibular disease, which made her lethargic and caused eye twitches, has improved with therapy and treatment. Next, she and McDonald will serve as grand marshals for the March 5-6 Mardi Paws Parade in Louisiana.

McDonald’s also continues to train K9s and can be contacted to arrange training through 850-737-1651.

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