NCWV Police Departments Participate in K9 Training

SHINNSTON, W.Va. — The Shinnston Police Department, Granville Police Department and Harrison County Sheriff’s Office participated in K-9 training Thursday in Shinnston.

All three departments heard from Paul Coley, owner of Scent Evidence K-9, a Florida-based company that has formed departments across the country.

A Harrison County Sheriff’s Office K-9 conducts a search using tracing after sniffing a scent kit.

The trainings consisted of showing tricks to K-9 units in the area to help them find and track missing suspects and people of all ages, including children and the elderly.

“We’ll be sitting on the couch on a Friday or Saturday night and my phone rings, and it’s a teacher who just brought a child home. They are still breathing hard. I get chills… there’s just another one to compare to that,” Coley said. “Just knowing that you helped bring this loved one back to this family.”

“It’s a good feeling to know that you can give someone that comfort of knowing that we have a better chance of finding their loved ones,” Shinnston Police Chief Jon Harbert said.

Chief Harbert also said the department is now considering getting a sleuth to do the department’s track and trace, but is waiting for grants to secure funding.

Home Rather has also provided Shinnston Police Department with scent kits, which allow families to collect scents from people at risk of running away, such as elderly people with Alzheimer’s disease or children with autism. These kits can then be handed over to the police in the event of a runaway.

Kits can be picked up by calling instead of home at 304-906-4333.

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