New K9 Training Center in Gladstone

GLADSTONE, Mich. (WLUC) – D&D Dog Dynamics in Gladstone has just opened a new branch in the company.

Algiers County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Perry King says the connection to his K9, Algiers, is like no other.

“My best friend, my partner, he is with me in everything I do, even at home,” he said.

King has been in Algiers for two years and trained at D&D Dog Dynamics.

“We started with socializing the dog, then we went to obedience class, then we went right into all of the dog training,” King said.

Now the company is adding D&D K9 Dynamics to train police dogs.

“Within a radius of 100 miles around us, there is no other dog training center. None,” said Dave Johnson, President of D&D K9 Dynamics.

The training center is currently working on training two dogs.

“They are both going to be narcotic dogs and they are going to be versatile. In other words, they’ll be able to do narcotics, they’ll be able to do tracking, item search, area search, apprehension work,” Johnson said.

D&D says an important part of a K9 is socialization.

“If you can’t take your dog to a classroom or to a county commission or a city and do a demonstration explaining and educating people because you’re afraid your dog will do something, your dog program just has failed,” Johnson said.

But what the president says sets D&D K9 Dynamics apart from other facilities is how he will also train departments on fundraising for K9.

“When departments hear K9, they’re already thinking ‘oh, we can’t afford it.’ We will take you out of this realm.

Having a K9 unit can be expensive, but D&D says departments shouldn’t worry about cost because communities are eager to help.

All dogs graduating from D&D will receive a body armor and supply kit

“Your dog will have a better vest than the one you are currently wearing. Your dog will have a protective bag in case he needs Narcan in the event of an overdose,” Johnson said.

Dynamic D&D K9 is located at 919 Delta Avenue in Gladstone.

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