Noblesville Police Department Adds K9 Therapy Named Luna To Force

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. – The Noblesville Police Department has a new K-9 on staff. Luna doesn’t go out for drug busts, instead her job is to comfort. The one-year-old black Labrador is a therapy dog.

“Oh my God, I couldn’t have asked for a better partner,” said Officer Ben Lugar, of the Noblesville Police Department.

Luna helps police, firefighters, first responders and community members dealing with stress or trauma.

“It’s amazing what a dog can do to someone and how much it lifts their spirits,” Officer Lugar said.

Officer Ben Lugar is Luna’s master. They both went through training. Luna’s first day on the job was last month and the same day she was deployed for her first call.

“The kid was just going through a pretty stressful environment, home life. The kid was just in crisis mode and just hearing that Luna was out there helped calm that kid down and know, hey, we’re here to support you,” Officer Lugar said.

Luna is part of the Noblesville Crisis Response Team established in 2020. The initiative aims to help victims in need, from addiction to homelessness and even those struggling with mental health issues.

“Breaking down those stigmas so we can have those conversations so we can connect individuals with treatment and resources with just some resilience and coping skills.”

Officer Lugar says agencies adding a therapy dog ​​to the force is a newer concept. Luna is Hamilton County’s first.

Luna is on call 24/7 and even there for her fellow first responders when they are the ones who need help at the end of the day.

“I don’t know why we haven’t had it until now,” Officer Lugar said.

Luna was trained by a local company, Ultimate Canine, and her brother and sister are also service dogs.

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