Off Leash K9 Training appears to be closed

JUNE 20 UPDATE: A new video shows a vacant space where the Off Leash K9 formation was located. An investigation has been launched into the company after a video showing a trainer appearing to threaten a dog with a baseball went viral.

The trainer, Willie Harrell, says he never hit or abused the dog. North Las Vegas police said despite the apparent closure, they are still investigating and would like to hear from anyone who has brought a dog into the facility.

UPDATE MAY 22 8 PM: The viral video of a dog trainer holding a baseball bat at Off Leash K9 Training is still under investigation by authorities.

The investigation was sparked by this viral video which showed a veteran dog trainer with a baseball bat in his hand swearing and commanding a dog.

On Wednesday, 13 Action News spoke with a certified dog trainer to dig a little deeper into what was seen.

“We want the dog to respect the human, not the baseball bat, or not be terrified of it,” said Dereck Anovick of Bark Busters.

He also said that when trainers lead aggressively, dogs often react in one or two ways.

“Either the dog will fight back — be more aggressive — or completely stop, and it looks like this dog is getting anxious,” Anovick said.

Las Vegas resident Stacy Wolfram also told 13 Action News that three of her dogs were house trained and were in poor condition with cuts, urine and matted fur.

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North Las Vegas Police Animal Control continues to investigate the situation.

A spokesperson for the city of North Las Vegas also said animal control had already been to the scene twice to investigate minor dog bites, but nothing suspicious or illegal was found. been observed.

MAY 22 UPDATE: North Las Vegas police say authorities are investigating multiple complaints after a video of a dog trainer holding a baseball bat at Off Leash K9 Training went viral.

Animal Control arrived at the property near Craig Road and Pecos around 9.40am and are in the early stages of an investigation. Police said the department received a few calls alleging animal abuse after the video went viral.

13 Action News is on the scene and knocked on the door of the training center several times with no response.

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – A Las Vegas dog training company said it parted ways with a veteran dog trainer after a video emerged showing he used a baseball bat to control a dog that had used to biting people.

The video was obtained by 13 Investigates and shows Willie Harrell, connected to Off-Leash K9 Training in Las Vegas late 2017 or 2018 at a location near Craig Road and I-15.

The video is about 2 minutes long and begins with Harrell holding a moaning male Doberman on a leash.

The video shows Harrell appearing to threaten the dog with the bat while using obscenities and issuing commands.

On camera video, the dog appears to yelp several times as Harrell approaches.

The video has been viewed and shared thousands of times on social media since Tuesday.

“It’s really hard to talk about this video. It’s so upsetting,” said pet owner Angie English.

“I couldn’t even compose myself; I’m not even fully composed,” English said through tears.

English spent $4,000 to have her two dogs trained by Harrell.

After seeing the video, she has concerns after leaving them in her care.

“It’s really unfair to see what this dog is going through, and they don’t have a voice, they can’t talk,” English said.

“You could go out there and get it over with, and you would never know what happened, you would never know,” English added.

Late Tuesday evening, the company released a statement about the video and Harrell, saying he was no longer with the company.

“Due to recently emerged video footage of highly inappropriate training techniques, Willie Harrell has had his license agreement terminated and is no longer affiliated with Off Leash K9 Training.

Effective immediately.”

Off-Leash K9 Training in Las Vegas

13 Investigates has learned that the company is part of a nationwide chain of chapters in various states.
13 investigators contacted Harrell late Tuesday night and he said the dog in the video had a habit of biting people and needed to be put down.

“Am I sorry the video came out, yes and no,” Harrell said by phone.

“Yes, because it puts me in a different light, no because the reason that bat was in my hand is what happened before, that dog kept coming at me,” said explained Harrell.

Harrell said the bat was the closest object to him in case he needed to defend himself.

Harrell said he may have used inappropriate methods, but felt he saved the dog’s life.

According to Harrell, the dog was unharmed and now lives in Montana.

There is no criminal investigation and so far no one has reported any problem to the police.

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