Poland signs execution contracts for MBT K2s and SPH K9s from South Korea

by Nicholas Fiorenza

On August 26, Poland signed execution contracts with Hyundai Rotem for 180 K2 tanks and with Hanwha Defense for 212 K9 SPH (pictured). (Hanwha Defense)

Poland signed execution contracts with South Korean industry for K2 main battle tanks (MBT) and K9 self-propelled howitzers (SPH) on August 26. Polish Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Defense Mariusz Błaszczak approved contracts for 180 K2 tanks and 212 K9 SPH on August 26 in Morąg, northern Poland, his ministry announced on its website the same day . The signing follows the July 27 framework agreement between Poland and South Korea for 1,000 K2 MBTs, 672 K9 SPHs and 48 FA-50 light trainer and fighter aircraft.

The Polish Armaments Agency (AA), the contracting authority, said on its website on August 26 that a $3.4 billion execution contract had been signed with Hyundai Rotem for the delivery of 180 MBT K2 in 2022-25 and a $2.4 billion contract. with Hanwha Defense for the delivery of 212 SPH K9A1s in 2022–26. Both contracts include training and logistics packages as well as ammunition. Hyundai Rotem and Hanwha Defense will provide support service in Poland starting with the first 10 K2s and 24 K9s to be delivered later in 2022, according to the AA.

The K2 contract includes tens of thousands of 120mm tank shells of various types. The logistics package includes spare parts, special tools and diagnostic equipment. The training program includes an integrated training system and the training of Polish tank crews and technicians in South Korea and Poland, including training on K2 tanks in cooperation with the South Korean army. Błaszczak said soldiers from the Polish army would travel to South Korea in October to train on K2 tanks.

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Poland has signed execution contracts with South Korean industry for the main battle tanks (MBT) K2 and K9 …

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