Reudiger, Barrackville’s Beloved K9 Officer, Retires After Seven Years of Service

Oct. 1—BARRACKVILLE — After a successful fundraising campaign, Barrackville’s beloved K9 unit, Reudiger, will be retiring after seven years of service to the city.

Reudiger began his service in Barrackville in 2015 with Deputy Clyde and continued his service with Police Chief Chuck Wilson from 2016 until Thursday afternoon, when Reudiger last signed.

This retreat has been a long time coming. In mid-August, Wilson and members of the Barrackville City Council launched a donation campaign to train a new K9 officer to replace Reudiger.

Reudiger is an 8 and a half year old German Shepherd and the usual lifespan for his breed is 9 to 13 years. Wilson worried that Reudiger would have to work until he died, so he began to want to let the pup live out its golden years as a pet.

Wilson said he noticed Reudiger slowing down this summer and thought it would be the best time to raise money so he could retire.

Fundraising got off to a slow start until the story took off on social media and the GoFundMe went from $75 to over $1,000. By the end of the campaign, the Barrackville Police Department had raised more than $7,000 by September.

About $5,000 was needed to train the new dog, according to Wilson. On September 6, the Barrackville City Council welcomed and approved Ozzy as the city’s next K9 officer and he officially began training with the North American Police Working Dog Association. Ozzy is a 17-month-old male Malinois X, which is a mix of German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois, according to Wilson.

“It’s bittersweet. [Reudiger] done a lot of good, but we’re just grateful that the community was able to pull together and keep us going [K9] program,” Wilson said.

On Thursday afternoon, local police scanner traffic was silenced and an announcement was released honoring Reudiger and his services to the county and Barrackville.

“Today marks the end of an era, as K9 Reudiger retires from the Barrackville Police Department. Reudiger began his career in Barrackville with Deputy Clyde in 2015 and then continued his career with Chief Wilson from 2016 to today,” the dispatcher said.

“Reudiger not only brought many people to justice, but touched many hearts and brought happiness to so many in the community. His hard work and service made a difference to the citizens of Barrackville and the entire county. of Marion.

Thanks to Chief Wilson for looking after Reudiger as he goes 10-7 to enjoy his well-deserved retirement.”

Since Reudiger is officially off duty, Wilson said Ozzy is fully prepared to serve and respond to any situation. The Barrackville City Council is expected to officially welcome Ozzy to the police force at its next city council meeting on Tuesday, October 4.

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