Ridgeside K9 Summerville offers the best dog training in Summerville, SC

Summerville, South Carolina– Having a well-behaved dog, achieved through professional dog training, is the dream of every dog ​​owner who wants to enjoy the company of their favorite pets. Ridgeside K9 Summerville is the best dog training company that helps families achieve this goal with their team of professional dog trainers. The team of experts is dedicated to bringing out the best in the dogs they work with, regardless of the age, breed or behavior of the animal. To do this, team members make sure to customize a training program tailored to the particular behavioral characteristics they are working with. They also have a spacious and well-equipped training center to provide the required services.

“I give them all five stars. The Ridgeside K9 team has been brilliant the whole time we’ve worked together. Our puppy of a few months understood that he had to follow the example of the trainer as soon as they met. He became calmer in 3 weeks and leash control was much more manageable. He also became a good listener. I also appreciate that the coach treated him like family, and I’m sure to use their services again,” said a satisfied customer.

The Ridgeside K9 team understands that impulse control and general manners can be achieved through a unique program that will teach the dog new traits. At the same time, the owner is developing new ways of communicating. They have consultancy programs that work well for clients with tight schedules and private programs that allow owners to be part of the whole trip. The Summerville SC Dog Training Company guarantees that the end results after consistent training are reliable and measurable.

The company’s growth is largely attributed to its personalized programs that work for every dog. Not only do they limit individual behavior like barking or jumping on guests, but they also give the owner tips on how to add to the training even after the program. This has allowed them to create lasting relationships with their customers, who keep coming back and referring others by word of mouth.

The professionals at Ridgeside K9 Summerville Dog Training recommend that dog owners with pets with aggressive tendencies seek professional help for their furry family members. This will make them friendlier and give owners a chance to retrain their dogs’ behavior, making them calmer and more manageable. With over ten years of service handling dogs, the company also offers a free consultation for those in and around Summerville.

For more information about their services, call 843-814-0335 or email customer service at [email protected]. They are located at 377 Sanctuary Park Drive, Summerville, SC, 29486, USA.

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