Sidney, New York Police Department raises funds for new K9 Upgra car

We love our men and women in blue and they don’t get enough recognition for all they do to protect us. The behind-the-scenes stuff we’ll never know or get credit for.

My brother-in-law is part of the blue brotherhood and the little I hear is enough for me. No thank you, I stay behind the microphone. I recently heard that the Sydney Village Police Department has a narcotic new dog named Riggs.

Delaware Valley Humane Society Helps Sidney Police Department

A minor problem, they had to prepare their vehicle “Riggs Ready” and needed help. The Delaware Valley Humane Society (DVHS) stepped in and stepped up. They started a “Raising $$$ for Riggs” campaign to raise $5,500.00 to complete the K-9 vehicle.

Additions will include the K9 Heat Alarm and K9 Carry Insert and aAll money donated will go DIRECTLY to the PD Village. Riggs has learned the ropes, he’s adjusting to the nuances of his new job and is ready to work.

Go here to donate and help the Delaware Valley Humane Society and learn more about the great work Riggs is waiting to do.

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