South Jersey Security Company Launches K9 Division

Westville-based Erigere Rapidus Solutions has launched a K9 division aimed at providing detection and protection services.

The go-to source for the Tri-State Professional Security Services said the detection dogs had undergone rigorous training to perform specific tasks and detect distinct scents, including explosives, firearms, living victims, human remains , microchips, bedbugs, etc. The company is committed to using the right breed of dog, with the proper training for each task, including Dutch Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, German Shorthaired Pointers and Labradors, each with a unique skill set.

“In creating the ERS K9 division, we are committed to using breeds of dogs that are genetically predisposed to shield or point, depending on the customer’s needs,” said Robert Cormier, COO and Managing Director of ERS. “This gives our customers peace of mind that ERS will always provide the optimal combination of services, tools and technology to keep their assets safe.”

The ERS K9 division is led by Tim Falke, whose love and admiration for service dogs began during his 13-year military career as a member of the Army’s highly selective Joint Special Operations Command American. His military background as a network operations expert and Naval Special Warfare drone surveillance operator, combined with his bachelor’s degree in computer science, puts him in a unique position to lead one of the nation’s most advanced K9 divisions on the technological plan.

“The ERS K9 division is analytically driven and we use cutting-edge technology to detect, avoid and eliminate modern threats,” Falke said. “We have a K9 with a camera mounted on his helmet and a small drone attached to his vest. While they are in the field, we simultaneously deploy a command and control drone, which allows us to see the entire area from above. This ensures the safety of our handler and his dog while we guide them through an area. We are combining multiple drone and camera platforms to give us a better picture of the situation, so we can better prepare to continue.

K9s used for executive protection duties and patrols can sense, see and hear dangers long before their human handlers, extending the capability of security teams. These dogs are specially bred and trained to be stable, loyal, social, and well-behaved with those they are tasked with protecting, including children and pets. When a threat is posed, ERS dogs are trained to put their lives on the line to neutralize an attacker while protecting an individual.

Depending on the mission, ERS K9 teams can be highly visible to act as a deterrent, or covert to carry out their missions undetected.

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