The Valley K9s are causing a stir in Pembark in Pembroke, Ontario.

The scorching days of summer have arrived in Pembroke.

PemBARK, a two-day dog ​​dock jumping competition and festival, is happening this weekend at Riverside Park. Hosted by the City of Pembroke and Brockville-based Canine Watersports Canada, the festival features local pet vendors and a main attraction of dogs jumping into a 45-foot-long pool.

“The dogs, we take them and try to jump them as far as we can, and it’s all about the fun,” said Canine Watersports Canada owner Mark Larocque. “If the dog likes water and has toys, then it’s perfect for sports.”

Dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages can compete in four categories made up of variations and combinations of farthest jump, fastest swim and best catch.

“If they like to play fetch and they like water or they are taught to like water, they can play,” says dog trainer Mary Spurrell.

Spurrell owns Avalon Ranch, a dog training company that specifically teaches the sport of canine dock jumping.

“It’s a sport that’s not too hard on the joints,” says Spurrell, who partners with Canine Watersports Canada. “So they can run a bit on a flat surface, and when they jump and land, it’s in the water.”

Dogs of all experience are welcome to jump off the dock into the water during the two-day event.

“We’ve seen it all,” Larocque said. “From Great Danes to Jack Russells. We actually had a sausage dog jumping here today.”

Blair Holierhoek saw Duke, his one-year-old yellow lab, win a ribbon in the long jump category on Saturday.

“He’s been doing this since he was six months old, and actually six months is the youngest they can do on a dock.”

This summer, Duke and his family from Lansdowne, Ontario. will take part in eight competitions. It’s a sport Holierhoek says he stumbled into.

“You know, honestly, just skipping my chocolate lab at the family cabin years ago,” he says “And we walked past one of those festivals and we saw the pool, and that was there at 15.”

While not every dog ​​can bring home a tape, some just go out to work on their dog paddles.

“Whether they’re jumping two feet or 30 feet, it just makes people smile,” says Larocque.

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