Video: ITBP gets hunting dogs, Malinois hero K9 Julie gives birth to 8 healthy puppies; what’s funny, netizens debate their future: The Tribune India

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Chandigarh, February 25

ITBP’s mother dog, Julie (Malinois), gave birth to eight healthy puppies as part of the National Augmentation for K9s (NAK) project at the NTCD (National Training Center for Dogs) at ITBP, Bhanu, Panchkula.

Malinois hero K9 Julie belongs to the same breed used by NATO forces.

The breed is trained for foot patrols and counter-terrorism operations.

Since the news of the pubs broke. Hilarious reactions started pouring in on Twitter with netizens discussing their future. One said, “How do you know puppies want to be fighters. Let them choose what they want to be,” wrote another, “maybe some of them will want to be doctors or engineers, who knows?

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