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Thursday November 03, 2022 (6 hours 15 minutes ago)

BARNSTABLE – A grown man, wearing an orange construction helmet and allegedly holding a bat at one point, barricaded himself inside a shed after police responded to a call from a neighbor who allegedly felt threatened by him earlier this morning. At around 12.30pm this morning, Barnstable police responded to the neighbour’s address after receiving a call about a grown man threatening him. Things escalated when the man, who was allegedly seen holding a bat at one point, barricaded himself in a shed and apparently started throwing things around. As you’ll hear in the following HN video, it looked like the man was breaking things inside the shed, which turned out to be on his parents’ property. Barnstable Police patrolman Nolan O’Melia and K9 Alex arrived at the scene in a bid to convince the man to come out peacefully with his hands in the air. Alex’s barking apparently did the trick as the suspect was peacefully arrested without further incident. The man was telling officers that he had recently tried high potency marijuana…but it is not certain that high potency was the cause of the explosion this morning which disturbed the neighbors. The man was placed in a Barnstable FD ambulance and transported to Cape Cod Hospital for evaluation. The senior officer at the scene has asked for an arrest number, but it’s unclear what the final charge will be in this case. The following HN video shows a motivated police K9 assisting officers on scene in order to bring about a peaceful resolution to a volatile situation. These types of volatile outbursts, whether drug-induced or due to mental health issues or both, are commonplace in the town of Barnstable. This is a serious and ongoing problem that affects, to some extent, everyone in the community. * The details in the above report are based on police radio transmissions, on-scene observations and information from on-site police sources. The defendant is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt by a court.

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