What happens in K9 training?

“It’s a huge asset. The K9 can do what we can’t,” said Huntersville police K9 officer Daniel Johnson.

CHARLOTTE, NC — A K9 serviceman is receiving a lot of praise and attention for his significant role in a raid that killed the infamous Islamic State leader over the weekend.

US forces completely razed the compound where Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi was staying in northwestern Syria. He detonated a suicide vest, killing himself and three of his children, after being chased through a dead end tunnel by the K9 army.

The animal’s name remains confidential, but President Trump tweeted a photo of him, saying he did a great job.

So what exactly goes into the formation of these K9s? Several police departments and sheriff’s offices in the Charlotte area have K9 units.

The training is slightly different from that of the military, but it is intense and gives agencies a vital edge. It is an intense concentration, a will to work and an aggression unmatched by a human officer.

“It’s a huge asset. The K9 can do what we can’t,” said Huntersville police K9 officer Daniel Johnson.

Each K9 has a set of special skills. In Huntersville, K9 Gunner can find narcotics and missing persons, while K9 Cirro can apprehend.

“Where you or I would have a problem with a subject holding a gun or shooting a gun, the dogs won’t think twice about it. He doesn’t care. He knows he has a job. and that’s apprehending the bad guy,” said Cirro’s handler, K9 Officer Eric Johnston.

The now famous military K9 did just that, capturing the hearts of the entire nation. This type of mission is dangerous work – usually reserved for a K9.

“I have tools on my belt and on my vest, but they only do one thing, while my dog ​​does multiple things,” Johnson said.

All police and military K9s and their handlers undergo intense training.

K9 officers in Huntersville work with their dogs every day, even when they’re not on patrol, honing invaluable skills that, in some cases, can go down in history.

“I think this dog is a true, absolute American hero,” said Johnston, who has been with the K9 unit since 2001.

The K9 on this mission was injured, but he has already been treated and will return to duty.

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